David John Smailes

iOS Developer

Selected Projects

My English Literature GCSE

  • Swift
  • Firebase
  • StoreKit
  • Codable

Regularly in the Top 100 UK Education Apps

Top 5 in AppStore search results for “GCSE”

Meme Deep Fryer – Meme Maker

  • Swift
  • Core Image
  • iMessage extension
  • ARKit
  • CloudKit
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • TikTok / Snapchat API
  • Custom filetype

US charts:

  • Top 25 Photo & Video
  • Top 10 iMessage Photo & Video
  • Top 1000 Overall

Peak 100,000 active users / month

My Study Timetable

  • Swift
  • WatchKit
  • CloudKit
  • EventKit
  • User Notifications

Fully featured timetable app including Apple Watch

iCloud backup and restore

Food Snap

  • Swift
  • CollectionView Custom Layout

Diet points counting app with photo diary and filters

3 sessions per active device / day

Dystopian Tableaux

  • Swift
  • Core Image
  • Unsplash API

Inspired by @coldwar_steve

Crash-free as per App Analytics

Additional experience:

  • Upcoming app: Since features SwiftUI and iOS 14 widgets
  • Managing advertising campaigns including monitoring conversions and CPA using Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft Ads
  • Integration of banner, interstitial and rewarded ads using AdMob – including mediation of other ad networks
  • Use of third-party libraries using CocoaPods
  • Designed a companion website to interface with a Firebase real-time database using Angular2 and Typescript – worked alongside the app Teacher Standards Checklist En
  • Dealing with Apple AppStore review process
  • Responding to customer reviews